Oppression in AHS: Coven

American Horror Story's entire season three centers around this theme, and Ryan Murphy confirmed on Twitter that it was the main subject of Coven. Subjection of certain communities in society is eminent in the story, and it makes for a fantastic season and series. First, and perhaps the most obvious, is the oppression of the witches themselves. This... Continue Reading →


AHS Season Three: Coven of Secrets

[spoiler warning] While Asylum may be the best season of American Horror Story, Coven comes to a close second. Season Three features an assembly of witches in modern New Orleans, descended from their notorious ancestors during the Salem Witch Trials. Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga) finds out about her lineage after she accidentally kills her boyfriend with her powers. She is... Continue Reading →

Sanity in AHS: Asylum

As Ryan Murphy tweeted, sanity is a central theme in Season Two of American Horror Story. Like 'Cuckoo's Nest, Asylum explores the idea of insanity and sin, and who gets to define it. Insanity, like "good" or "bad," can be seen as a relative term. Whether or not someone is insane is up to the observer; someone who I... Continue Reading →

Oppression of Women in AHS: Asylum

America in the 1960's was a time of exploring new ideas-- however, old ones still prevailed in society, and women found it hard to attain the same independence and respect as men. All of the strong-spirited women characters in Asylum, which takes place during the 60's, have been victims of society. Lana Winters's (Sarah Paulson) main enemy throughout the... Continue Reading →

The Comment on Religion in AHS: Asylum

Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Asylum packs a whole lot in only thirteen hour-long episodes, featuring a myriad of different horrors, including mad scientists, human experimentation, aliens, serial killers, and all sorts of inhumane practices dealt by a typical asylum one would expect to see in a horror show. Frankly, the second season of AHS vastly outshines... Continue Reading →

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